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Immerse yourself in a world where the wonders of nature unfold beneath you. Marvel at vast landscapes, colourful forests and the graceful movements of wildlife - all from a bird's eye view. Experience the thrilling flight of a bird gliding over fragrant alpine meadows, soaring with the thermals to the top of a mountain, or cooling off in the spray of a waterfall.

With the help of new FPV drones, we can imitate a bird’s flight and experience these breathtaking perspectives. From above, we witness the intricate patterns of life, with each element playing a vital role in the complex structure of the ecosystem. National parks offer us an extraordinary opportunity to deepen our appreciation of nature. They serve as sanctuaries where the grandeur and beauty of nature is celebrated and protected.

The imposing panoramas and diverse ecosystems revealed from a bird's eye view instil in us a deep respect for the fragile balance of nature and the invaluable role it plays in our lives. It encourages us to work to conserve the land, to protect biodiversity and to adopt sustainable practices.

New perspectives, new opportunities: The captivating impact of FPV drones in nature documentaries.

FPV drones, or First Person View drones, offer an innovative way of capturing video, unlike traditional drones. FPV drones allow pilots to see from the drone's perspective in real time through video goggles, giving them precise control over distances of up to 20 kilometres. The built-in camera captures high-definition video of the scenery. The precise control and manoeuvrability of these drones opens up new possibilities for capturing unique perspectives and stunning footage from hard-to-reach and previously inaccessible locations. FPV drones offer a novel and resource-efficient approach to traditional methods such as helicopters.

The combination of stunning aerial footage and the feeling of being part of the flight creates a deep feeling of immersion in the landscape and evokes a strong emotional response in the viewer. Flying at eye level with the treetops, gliding rapidly over mountain meadows or hovering along a mountain range creates a sense of freedom and makes the heart beat faster. The high altitude and range of the flights allow you to feel the expanse and distance of the National Park.

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Seen from above: Project for Hohe Tauern National Park East Tyrol

In 2022 we created six captivating videos for the Hohe Tauern National Park, which are now part of the permanent interactive exhibition Tauernblicke - Moments of Amazement in the National Park Center in Matrei.


In close cooperation with the national park management and rangers, we defined routes that characterise the protected area - both scientifically and scenically.

In cooperation with the NPHT and the Province of Tyrol, we applied for a permit and carried out a nature conservation and national park legal review. Following a successful inspection, permission was granted to fly the defined routes.

During this project, special attention was paid to the remaining glaciers. These majestic natural phenomena are not only of immense beauty, but are also living witnesses to climate change. By capturing the state of the glaciers on film, we give people the opportunity to recognise the value of these vital resources and raise awareness of their creeping loss.

From the pool of shots taken, the most expressive and spectacular sequences were selected according to the theme. After being composed with music and audio effects, the footage went through a cascade of post-production processes: stabilisation, colour correction, sound mixing, etc.
Tracking points were used to superimpose information and knowledge about the areas and to emphasise the highlights.

The resulting films offer visitors a unique opportunity to experience previously inaccessible areas in a visual and emotional way. The aim is to create new awareness and motivation to explore the national park in person.

Bring your National Park to life visually!
We are open to exciting collaborations and joint projects to showcase the diversity and magic of nature in a new way. Let's combine our expertise and passion to create unique experiences and capture the beauty of your National Park! We want to share it with the world. Whether it's the creation of footage that can be used in an exhibition or online, or the support of a research project - let's have a chat!
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